Oberst & Buchner

Oberst & Buchner: Emile

$13.10 $15.98

Artist: Oberst & Buchner
Title: Emile
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Oberst & Buchner, two Bavaria born, Vienna based producers, deliver an EP that offers their interpretation of what "modern summer togetherness sounds like". "Greg" starts with a breakbeat bath of summery chords, as playful claves dance on the horizon. It is a melodically rich track with spiritual feelings. On "Emile", night time arrives and warm chords mix with jangling, organic glass and percussive tinkles. "Embrace" is a fluid intergalactic convention with sparse drum kicks weighed down by somber synths. A skittish, dubstep style groove then comes in and elevates the track with gentle guitar licks and slithering synths.

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