Oblivion Sun

Oblivion Sun: Oblivion Sun

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Oblivion Sun

Artist: Oblivion Sun
Title: Oblivion Sun

Oblivion Sun is the new prog band featuring Frank Wyatt and Stan Whitaker, founding members of Happy The Man. Their self-titled debut shows a band that can prog-n-roll and throw down the funk! "Fanfare" & "Noodlepoint" have all the bombast and majesty one expects from proggers, while "No Surprises" & "re: Bootsy" show a band which could just as easily share a bill with King's X as they could Mahavishnu. For fans of Spock's Beard, Battles, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, etc.

1.1 Fanfare
1.2 The Ride
1.3 Noodlepoint
1.4 Catwalk
1.5 No Surprises
1.6 Re: Bootsy
1.7 Chapter 7.1
1.8 Tales of Young Whales
1.9 Golden Feast

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