O'Bryarly: Occidental Tourist

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Product Type: CD
Artist: O'Bryarly

Title: Occidental Tourist
Label: CD Baby

This album came about as a colaboration between Kelly Bryarly and close friend Mike O'Brien. It was our desire to create this musical journey for your enjoyment. Some of this music was derived from songs written by members of Mike's band in California and some of it was derived from film scores that I had written. Please Enjoy! Kelly Bryarly - film composer Mike O'Brien - composer/songwriter.

1.1 Blue Scene (Prelude)
1.2 Discovery
1.3 Karumba
1.4 Watering Hole
1.5 Manu
1.6 Monkey Business
1.7 Xingu
1.8 Siam What I Am
1.9 Peking Sunrise
1.10 Occidental Tourist
1.11 Summer
1.12 Morning
1.13 Blossom
1.14 Fandango
1.15 Fugue
1.16 Cotillion
1.17 Nino
1.18 Serenade
1.19 Death Valley
1.20 Finger Pickin' Indians
1.21 Rodeo
1.22 Last Round-Up
1.23 Blue Scene

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