Ocs: Live In San Francisco

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Artist: Ocs

Artist: Ocs
Title: Live In San Francisco
Product Type: VINYL LP

A mesmerizing live set by OCS-JOHN DWYER and BRIGID DAWSON with a 7-piece backing band featuring PAUL QUATTRONE, TIM HELLMAN, TOM DOLAS, HEIDI MAUREEN ALEXANDER, and a string section comprised of HEATHER LOCKIE, EMILY ELKIN and ERIC CLARK. Recorded by ERIC BAUER at the Chapel in SF, December 17, 2017.

1.1 Memory of a Cut Off Head
1.2 Cannibal Planet
1.3 Remote Viewer
1.4 The Baron Sleeps and Dreams
1.5 On ; on Corridor
1.6 Neighbor to None
1.7 The Fool
1.8 The Chopping Block
2.1 Time Tuner
2.2 Lift a Finger
2.3 Dreadful Heart
2.4 Iceberg
2.5 Block of Ice

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