O'Donoghue: Best Foot Forward

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Artist: O'Donoghue

Artist: O'Donoghue
Title: Best Foot Forward

Irish singer/songwriter Harry O'Donoghue brings his most eclectic compositions to disc on the recording Best Foot Forward. Eleven of the twelve songs are original and are quite diverse in their approach. From the deceptively simple 'Rainbow Days' to the thought evoking 'Ballad Man' and the jazz inspired 'Angel Blue', this album offers something for all tastes. 'As a songwriter you wear your heart on your sleeve, so to speak, and bring your own innermost feelings and influences to the pieces. This is not a concept or theme album but rather a collection of original songs set in the various musical styles that have influenced me through the years', notes O'Donoghue This certainly is true of Best Foot Forward. The bluesy 'back in time' sounds of 'Waitin' for the Sign' are offset by the decidedly Irish quirkiness of 'The Ramble', while 'The Old Oldbridge Road' stirs thoughts of an older more mystical Ireland.

1.1 Pleased As I Can Be
1.2 Stillness in the Air
1.3 Rainbow Days
1.4 Random Choice
1.5 Ballad Man
1.6 Angel Blue
1.7 The Old Oldbridge Road
1.8 Waitin' for the Sign
1.9 Closer to the Top of the World
1.10 Moonlight on the Water
1.11 I Miss You More Everyday
1.12 The Ramble

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