Offbeats: Lights Out in the City

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Artist: Offbeats

Artist: Offbeats
Title: Lights Out in the City

'Lights Out In The City' is the second LP by The Offbeats. The album was recorded by the band in their home studio in Leon Valley, Texas. The album includes the singles 'Cops N' Robbers', "Come On, Maria, Come On' and 'Boystown'. In reviewing 'Lights Out In The City' San Antonio Current writer Enrique Lopetegui wrote "the fictitious world the Offbeats live in, is where the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, and the Strokes meet, and the album is catchy as hell.' The album has also garner praise for it's cover and album packaging depicting a newspaper with news stories relating to the songs and characters in the album.

1.1 Live from My Bedroom
1.2 Cops N' Robbers
1.3 Saturday Night Sailor
1.4 I Know Why Now
1.5 A Boy Like Me
1.6 Pennies
1.7 Boystown
1.8 Battle of Flowers
1.9 Come on, Maria, Come on
1.10 Lights Out in the City

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