Offramp: Later Days

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Artist: Offramp

Artist: Offramp
Title: Later Days

Following on the 2009 release of 'Dark Matter,' Offramp changes direction with 'Later Days,' a collection of fifteen instrumental songs that portray a more ambient and reflective mood with influential nods to artists ranging from Vangelis and Bruce Hornsby, to George Winston and Pat Metheny. Recorded intermittently between 2007 and 2010, 'Later Days' offers a palette of musical textures and stark moods that are at times sonically dark, atmospheric, yet scenic in their expression.

1.1 A Common Fuse
1.2 Hauling Gas
1.3 Getting Started
1.4 Ice Storm
1.5 Later Days
1.6 Point of Departure
1.7 25 Years from Here
1.8 Confluence
1.9 Alternating Systems
1.10 To Live in Fear
1.11 Autumn Sun
1.12 Atmospheric Disturbance
1.13 Slipping
1.14 The Traveler
1.15 A Better Tomorrow

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