Offshoots: String Theory

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Artist: Offshoots

Title: String Theory
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Offshoots lead singer Beth and guitarist Paul Schramer met in a band, fell in love playing together, and have been playing with Paul's brother Mark on bass for decades. Mostly known for their high energy shows in The Ducks, Northwest legendary party band. Three years ago, they decided that they had enough really well-wrought original tunes to form a new band, The Offshoots, and they found the perfect seasoned but young and vibrant drummer in Phil Carter, who had a boatload of experience touring and recording, and met their criterion: eager to rehearse and perform live, creative and inventive, soulful and funny and a solid family man! Yep, all four members have been happily married for decades, a rarity in the rock music world. That solid support from loved ones and fans has given them the kind of deep roots of security and passion that help drive their soulful rock. They are unendingly grateful and forever offshoots of everyone they've had the privilege to connect with through family, life, work and music. Between Beth's forceful vocal style and Paul's ear for harmonies, their new original tunes had some of the classic flavors of new-wave rock. Inventive lead guitar, bass that is right in the pocket and super solid, arrangements that showcased each player, songs with a variety of topics from being crazy in love to just trying to breathe into the difficult moments of life and solid musicianship all found their way into Champion St. Sound Studios in their hometown of Bellingham, WA. With the help of brilliant producer Paul Turpin, their first CD Room to Grow became a hit on internet radio and brought them fans from all over the globe. Adjectives like soulful, tasteful, strong and funky just begin to give you an inkling of the kind of grooves that they lay down together. One reviewer who writes for the Seattle Weekly wrote, 'The Offshoots sound like they've mastered a blend of soul-infused rock. The Offshoots sound like a festival band in the best possible way. They bring a signature energy within their music that suggests each musician is having an absolute blast. I also get the sense that every band member is incredibly talented but humble enough to share the spotlight accordingly. Beth Schramer's voice is lively and powerful, ranging from classic rock to blues-influenced to sixties pop, sometimes all in the same song. The Offshoots make the claim that their music is 'an offshoot' of their own personal tastes and they take it seriously. Actually, listening through their record is almost like listening to a radio station that focuses primarily on classic acts. In fact, I had to check to make sure these weren't just a bunch of covers because they possess a sense of familiarity. The Offshoots have a solidified sound that they present in high quality recording and skilled musicianship.' - C. Deuel The Offshoots bandmates are mature, confident, devoted to making music in their community, and enthusiastic about getting heard across the planet thanks to digital distribution. It's never been about making money or becoming famous. They joke in one of their songs 'I'm just a legend in my own mind!' Staying lighthearted, yet focused on music as a connector, a bridge, a community builder, a natural aggregator around which love gathers, The Offshoots are having the time of their lives! After hearing their music on an electronic press kit online, Viacom selected The Offshoots to be a contributing artist on their Indie Anthems Volume 4 for release at the 2014 South by Southwest Festival Now they are delighted with their second CD String Theory, again recorded locally in Bellingham, the same town that brought Seattle the Posies and Death Cab for Cutie, and a town with a thriving music scene that rivals the best of bigger cities. The title tune comes from a dream Beth had where she awoke to a new 'brane' or string in the multi-verse, a universe where 'everyone was swimming in their bliss/ all the world one great big pond.' Stealing a bit of Yeats, 'Like a laughing string where on mad fingers played amid a place of stone', she jotted down some lyrics as Paul played a funky riff in the living room, and came running out saying, 'Play that again! I have lyrics for that!' Enter Mark with his left-handed upside down bass playing, and Phil's uncanny ability to flesh out the skeleton of a song, and voila, String Theory! As Paul says, 'The 'string' is the line that connects us, never broken, in every direction, the invisible link between earth and sky, good and bad. The link puts the lie to separation. Music is energetic, powerful and emotional and connects all ages - seniors, kids, our ancestors, our descendants -to community. Staying connected to that community means engaging, having opinions, but remaining accepting, patient and persistent.' Paul's tune, the first on the CD, I Resign, is an example of realizing fighting with opposing viewpoints only brings polarization, yet still rock and roll is a good outlet for frustration in those cases. One Thing is a tune that came out of an evening of acoustic music at Lapush WA, Paul and Beth goofing around on a version of Mother's Little Helper and suddenly emerged their own song in E minor that reflected some of the delight they take in one another. "You've got a quality that let's me forgive my mistakes/ and I've got a policy on the way I'm gonna make you feel oh so great.!" Too loud is just a goofy tune about getting the cops called out for noise violation when the decibels were actually under the limit. Not to offend, just a little tease at folks who need to turn up the white noise. No musician ever wants to hear the words, 'You are way too loud.' Also having some fun on Charge More Money, 'you can be what you want to be, in the land of the market that's free, yea.' God Doesn't Know had one dancer concerned at a show asking 'What does it mean?' Beth told him, 'Don't worry, we think God is just LOVE, nothing more.' 'Oh Good!' He said. Legend tells the tale of being all too human and wanting but not quite willing to let go of old hurts. Mark and Phil, both experienced contractors, with years of experience treating clients fairly and kindly, being diplomatic with co-workers and keeping their wives and families happy are clearly not the subjects of Beth's Note to Self (Stop Right There) which she wrote in hopes of developing more self-restraint and less effusiveness when it comes to the heat of the moment. She has concluded that yelling 'Don't Eat My F-ing Fritos!' at your sister-in-law may fit the rock n roll persona, but is just plain bad manners! While You're Waking Up is just a fun little catchy ditty about trying to channel our highest good, and getting out of the habits that dull the mind and blunt the creative force within: 'talking to you, you and me too!' Turn Signals, the softest, prettiest tune on the CD, is a farewell to a lovely close friend who opted out of life some years ago. The Offshoots dedicate this tune to anyone who has been touched by a suicide. The ripples are far-reaching and their hope is that the pain will lesson as the days unfold. 'Any mistakes you made are now faded and small, seed how the seeds you planted are now growing tall. Although their watered by tears, it's the love we recall, we recall, we recall.' And for all those female buddies who have graced the dance floors with Beth over the years, a little tribute called A Little Bit Higher...hey, it's girls night out, give us our space, dudes! FInally, we threw in a tune we've been playing with our old Ducks band member Tim Kraft for years and years. Buddy Miles' Them Changes. Because it full out rocks. Hope you like this new CD from the Offshoots, the band that loves to love you. Enjoy!

1.1 I Resign
1.2 One Thing
1.3 String Theory
1.4 Too Loud
1.5 Charge More Money
1.6 God Doesn't Know
1.7 Legend
1.8 Them Changes
1.9 Note to Self (Stop Right There)
1.10 While You're Waking Up
1.11 Turn Signals
1.12 A Little Bit Higher

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