Oh So

Oh So: All I Ever Wanted

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Artist: Oh So

Artist: Oh So
Title: All I Ever Wanted

Radio-Active-Music.com is pleased to present the full-length debut album from Oh So, a synth rock duo hailing from Charlottesville, VA. Featuring former members of the East Cost goth rock sensation In Tenebris, Oh So is reviving dark electro rock all over the Mid-Atlantic. All pre-orders will receive an email link to download the new album immediately*, as well as several demos never before released. On February 15th, we will also release a short EP featuring other exclusive tracks and remixes from the band. Be sure to hurry and order your copy now - this offer only applies to orders placed until the 15th at midnight EST! As usual, this release is fully previewable on Last.fm. Pre-orders are being taken directly from the Radio-Active-Music.com website, and the release will be available from all of our online retailers shortly.

1.1 Never
1.2 Lust
1.3 All I Ever Wanted
1.4 Only Human
1.5 Temptation Floor
1.6 When I Was Blue
1.7 Straight Line Winds
1.8 Define
1.9 Don't You Want to Know
1.10 Torment
1.11 This Mistake (Bury Me in Snow)
1.12 Love Is But a Dream
1.13 Desire

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