Old Man's Will

Old Man's Will: Old Man's Will

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Old Man's Will

Artist: Old Man's Will
Title: Old Man's Will
Product Type: VINYL LP

Old Man's Will, as the name insinuates, brings back the instrumental feel of bands such as Deep Purple, Sir lord Baltimore, Cactus, Black Sabbath, mixed with soulful vocals from the Byske descent Benny. With the ambition to bring something new to the rock scene yet maintaining the elements of classic rock, Old Man's Will focuses on spreading their music through strong live performances. For fans of GRAVEYARD, LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE, SIR LORD BALTIMORE, CACTUS, BLACK SABBATH.

1.1 Ellington
1.2 Cauldron
1.3 Sea
1.4 Why Deprive Me?
1.5 Smidesvals
1.6 Judgement Day
1.7 Evil Woman
1.8 Ennobling Evening
1.9 Ålidhem

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