Olivier Benoit

Olivier Benoit: Serendipity

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Artist: Olivier Benoit

Artist: Olivier Benoit
Title: Serendipity

Olivier Benoit plays solo since 1998. He has developed since those years specific work on the instrument, at the edge of prepared guitar or otherwise « effects » guitar, preferring to take advantage of the instrument « as it is » and as expressed. The material and the acoustic space In his solo, he developed a large timbral vocabulary, although he uses very few utensils and very little effect. Because he focused his research on intrinsic properties of the instrument, turning it into an ultra sensitive plate, seeking a mastery and ever greater precision. The music, though made of high feedback controlled, raw sounds, frictions of silence, stillness, tension or in the contrary relaxation, extreme speed, does not want to be a music of « effects » or a « catalog of sounds. » Musical discourse Musical form, whatever the project he works with (with la Pieuvre or solo here) is an absolutely essential factor in his speech, which makes music sometimes close to contemporary music, as the structure takes on a prominent place. The improvised aspect of his work allows him to maintain this state of emergency, this freedom, this opportunity to seize on the elements / events / bumps / accidents that may occur in situ, whether due to the acoustics of a room, the quality of the amplifier, the mental state or even the ambient humidity.

1.1 Serendipity (Part 1) - Olivier Benoit
1.2 Serendipity (Part 2) - Olivier Benoit
1.3 Serendipity (Part 3) - Olivier Benoit

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