Olivier Collette

Olivier Collette: Phi (feat. Bert Joris & Peter Hertmans)

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Artist: Olivier Collette
Title: Phi (feat. Bert Joris & Peter Hertmans)

"PHI" is probably the first jazz record entirely based on the golden ratio. This ratio has already fascinated artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Johann Sebastian Bach or Béla Bartók. Far from being a conceptual music, the style of Olivier Collette's compositions is melodious, harmonious and dynamic. Among others, one can hear influences of Pat Metheny or Keith Jarrett. Two prestigious guests for this album : guitarist Peter Hertmans and trumpet player Bert Joris.

1.1 Seagull's Flight
1.2 Sweet, Simple and Beautiful
1.3 Goldmine
1.4 Introspection
1.5 Between a Tear and a Smile
1.6 Hepta
1.7 Twisted Minor Blues
1.8 Brazilian Sunflowers

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