Olson Laura

Olson Laura: Mossflower Country

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Olson Laura

Title: Mossflower Country
Label: CD Baby

It's like listening to a great movie score without the movie! I love the books and now I can have music that goes with them. Even if you've never read the books the music is great by itself. Each track represents a place, character, or event that is in most of the typical Redwall books. The music ranges from peaceful, happy, exciting and adventurous to sorrowful, dangerous, and down-right evil! What a great scope of emotions and visual imagry without sounding cartoony! The large scale orchestrations and choir are as good as anything you might hear in a big-budget movie. There are also smaller more intimate solos and lots of electronic sounds. But it doesn't sound 'electronicky' or 'spacey' and it's not your grandma's casio either. Just natural with a very clean recording quality. I especially like the tracks that have some environmental sounds mixed in to enhance the picture you hear in your head.

1.1 Mossflower Country
1.2 Dream of a Warrior
1.3 Portrait of a Badger
1.4 March of the Vermin Horde
1.5 The Long Patrol
1.6 The Ruler of the Earth (Mwahahaha!)
1.7 Last Winter in the Pine Grove
1.8 The Otter Bard's Tale
1.9 Remembrance Hall Honor Guard
1.10 Naming Day Feast/Lullaby for Dibbuns

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