Oluyemi Thomas

Oluyemi Thomas: Before the Beginning

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Artist: Oluyemi Thomas

Artist: Oluyemi Thomas
Title: Before the Beginning

Documentation of extremely unusual sets from the High Zero Festival 2002, with Oleyumi Thomas (reeds, percussion), Jim baker (piano, synthesizer), Andy Hayleck (hydrophones, amplified gong/wire), and Helena Espvall-Santoleri (cello). Oluyemi Thomases vocal, repetative bass clarinet approach has a unique quality and his highly imaginative improvising is explored in a series of contrasting settings. These performances give 'cosmic music' a good name.

1.1 Humbled ; Grateful
1.2 Interior of the Moment
1.3 Maiden's Flight
1.4 Detachment
1.5 Dancing Butterflies
1.6 Oneness

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