Omega Lithium

Omega Lithium: Kinetik

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Omega Lithium

Artist: Omega Lithium
Title: Kinetik

Kinetik is the new creation by the Eastern European quartet Omega Lithium, whose 2010 album Dreams in Formaline landed them some of the goth-metal scene's top marks. The new album includes eleven loud, young, energetic and directly "in your face" tracks which are brought to you by a production team responsible for the likes of Rammstein, Guano Apes, Siddharta, and more! The result sounds fresh, dynamic and haunting throughout. The musicians have thrown all ballast overboard, concentrating on the bare essentials: evocative, danceable songs with concise hook lines and sexy grooves.

1.1 Colossus
1.2 Dance with Me
1.3 Strip Me
1.4 Time of Change
1.5 Kinetik
1.6 Salvation Refused
1.7 I Am God
1.8 Breaking
1.9 Cut Forget
1.10 Wind
1.11 Pjesma
1.12 Kinetik [Mechanic Remix]

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