Omekongo Wa Dibinga

Omekongo Wa Dibinga: Grow Towards Your Greatness!

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Artist: Omekongo Wa Dibinga
Title: Grow Towards Your Greatness!

This album represents the best in radio motivational messages on love, anger, forgiveness and more, set to smooth R&B tunes.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Power of a Positive Vision
1.3 Check Your Attitude!
1.4 Raising Successful Children
1.5 Look Up on Your Life!
1.6 Going the Extra Mile
1.7 Food for Thought
1.8 Managing Your Anger
1.9 The Power of Forgiveness
1.10 Keep Your Enemies Far, Far Away!
1.11 Love Vs. Affirmation
1.12 Be the Change You Seek!
1.13 A New Year, a New You!
1.14 There Can Only Be One You!
1.15 W.I.N. [Live]
1.16 [Untitled]

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