One Gun Shy

One Gun Shy: After the Rain

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Product Type: CD
Artist: One Gun Shy

Title: After the Rain
Label: CD Baby

"I have to admit, I am just a sucker for a good hard rock song and One Gun Shy's "I'll Still Know", seems to satisfy my craving. I gave "I'll Still Know" several listens, mainly, because the song is just that good. Also, because I wanted to give each part of the song a fair analysis. Bobby Znak's vocals are reminiscent to the likes of several of the Seattle music scene's greatest male vocalists. When I tried to put my finger on who he reminded me of, I couldn't come up with a specific name. I realized, that's because Bobby's vocals are his own. There is no mimicking of other singers, he's just built for this genre of music. Bobby exercised professional control over his vocals, never letting them get away from the rest of the band's playing. Cohesive, with a clear understanding of what it means to stay within the correct pitch range. Just the right amount of power, never over doing it, or drowning out anyone else..." Kim Pedone - Little Queen Music Review "One Gun Shy, is definitely primed to make a run in this crazy industry we call music!!! Their music demanded my attention from the very first verse in 'Turned a Blind Eye'!!! Their music and recording is top notch, and the vocals are extremely catchy!!! I will be playing their songs on my radio show from here on out! Definitely a must listen!!! " Eric Crawley - The Crawley Show on "One Gun Shy" is up to big things. The band, which was highlighted in an earlier article, has started recording their debut album at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle. Thirteen songs will end up on the finished album which will be for sale on iTunes, In Stores, at their live shows and on the "One Gun Shy" website. A completion date for the album is slated for early spring of 2013 keep your ears and eyes open.' "Bobby Znak, "loves crunchy, gritty hard rock." That love is what drives the types of songs he writes and performs with his fellow band members Chris Womble, Nate Bushmaker and Oliver Spencer. These four men make comprise the cleverly named band, "One Gun Shy." The term is a guitar reference- it means that one guitar is missing from the ensemble. In the early stages of the band formation, the guys wanted another guitar player. They kept placing ads on Craigslist, but to no avail. So they were, as it seemed "one gun shy" and the name stuck. The guys are anxiously awaiting their debut! A bit of info; Robert Lang Studios is a Seattle-based studio that has produced records with Nirvana, the Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, Alice in Chains and many other well-known bands and musicians. The work of the studio can be reflected in their awards. " Julia Hodges - The Husky Herald - The University of Washington - Bothell Newspaper "I was quite surprised to learn this was the first public performance of One Gun Shy. This seemed to be a well oiled group of seasoned pros. This unit has really done their wood shed homework fine tuning some very well crafted arrangements. Music is heavy hitting as well as melodic. Tunes are radio friendly heavier influenced rock with slight resemblances of Daughtry or Saliva. This can certainly be credited to songwriter and frontman Bobby Znak's baritone crooning with the ability to also cover high range belting aggression. I am definitely sure One Gun Shy is about to make their mark on the history of music that has forged the Seattle scene. " Keith Henry, Engineer/Producer - Nytola Music, ASCAP - Review.

1.1 After the Rain
1.2 Hypnotized
1.3 Lost the Disease
1.4 Turned a Blind Eye
1.5 Good to Be Lonely
1.6 I'll Take the Pain
1.7 Sing
1.8 Fueled By Fire
1.9 Time to Cry
1.10 I'll Still Know
1.11 Jezebel
1.12 Answer to Choose
1.13 Six Strings on a Mission

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