Onesko Bogert Ceo Project

Onesko Bogert Ceo Project: Big Electric Cream Jam

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Artist: Onesko Bogert Ceo Project
Title: Big Electric Cream Jam

Awesome beyond belief 'Tribute' to CREAM featuring MIKE ONESKO (Blindside Blues Band) on Guitar & Vocals with Bass Guitar Legend TIM BOGERT (Cactus/BBA) on low-end bottom kool and EMERY CEO (Blindside Blues Band) on Drums. This amazing set was captured LIVE without a net featuring 10 outstanding, killer 'Big Electric Cream Jams' (68 minutes) that will trip your brain and rock your retro-70s bluesy heavy guitar power trio jam: house down to the ground! All three bad-ass players lock in and nail down the Classic CREAM riffage with style, precision and class that give the term 'power trio' new meaning. Onesko, Bogert & Ceo dig in deep and pay legitimate, respectful musical homage to the late 60s British Supergroup. Tim Bogert is one of the greatest rock bass players in the world and the Man REALLY delivers and lives up to his Legendary status on this outstanding LIVE power trio recording. Emery Ceo lays down thick, solid/powerful drum grooves and last but not least, Mike Onesko does an incredible professional job and seriously hits true Guitar Hero status on this phenomenal Grooveyard Records disc. A truly remarkable LIVE power trio jam that delivers on many levels. Onesko and Co. Are the REAL deal. Excellently mixed and mastered by Don Moore from Texas. Fans of Cream, Blindside Blues Band and Top-Shelf bluesy heavy guitar power trio riffage tune in @ all costs. Complete with an extended, killer improv Hidden Bonus Jam that will blow your bluesy Heavy Guitar mind. Long Live Power Trio Guitar Rock with the Big Electric Cream Jam.

1.1 Crossroads
1.2 Politician
1.3 Sitting on Top of the World
1.4 Outside Woman Blues
1.5 Tales of Brave Ulysses
1.6 I'm So Glad
1.7 Spoonful
1.8 Toad
1.9 We're Going Wrong
1.10 Sunshine of Your Love

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