Opera on the Go

Opera on the Go: Little Red Riding Hood

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Artist: Opera on the Go

Artist: Opera on the Go
Title: Little Red Riding Hood

'Grandmother Dear, what big eyes you have...!' Seymour Barab has composed the perfect family opera, appealing to audience members both young and old. 'Opera on the Go' recorded a 'live' performance of Little Red Riding Hood, bringing to life the exhilarating audience participatory sections of the opera. With top notch singers, and a score and libretto that can't be beat, Little Red is the perfect opera for budding singers and enthusiastic listeners.

1.1 I'm the Wolf - Opera on the Go
1.2 Mother's Golden Rules
1.3 Echo Song
1.4 No One Should Ever Break a Promise
1.5 Little Red Meets the Wolf
1.6 Berry Patch Recitative
1.7 Grandmother's Aria
1.8 Wolf Arrives at Grandma's House
1.9 Come Out of That Closet
1.10 Grandma, What Big Eyes You Have
1.11 Help!
1.12 Strawberry Shortcake
1.13 Let Me in
1.14 Woodsman, Bring Your Ax
1.15 Sing, Dance and Celebrate
1.16 Good-Bye

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