Orange 9Mm

Orange 9Mm: Driver Not Included

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Artist: Orange 9Mm

Artist: Orange 9Mm
Title: Driver Not Included
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing. Includes insert. The post-hardcore band Orange 9mm released their debut studio album Driver Not Included in 1995. Listeners will get excited about their East Coast hardcore with flashes of metal and funk. This album rocks hard, but slows down to give the listener a break from all their energy and raw power. 'High Speed Changer' and 'Cutting and Draining' are two outstanding tracks. With the forceful choruses and intensive bass riffs they are giving you just a quick moment to catch some breath, before the band is moving on to the next song. It definitely deserves a place among the list of important 1990s hardcore releases.

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