Orest Harasymczuk Andrew

Orest Harasymczuk Andrew: People's Princess

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Artist: Orest Harasymczuk Andrew
Title: People's Princess

1.1 Mother
1.2 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
1.3 Although I Know, with Life We Must Grow
1.4 Kings and Queens
1.5 Fergie
1.6 All That Glitters Isn't Gold
1.7 Tea Time
1.8 Another Teardrop Falls
1.9 Paparazzi Tabloid Men
1.10 Tick-Tock
1.11 Hold Me in Your Arms
1.12 I Watched Them Grow
1.13 The People's Princess
1.14 The Hands of Time
1.15 The Our Father
1.16 All the Love You Left Behind
1.17 You Were the One

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