Organic: Under Your Carbon Constellation

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Organic

Artist: Organic
Title: Under Your Carbon Constellation
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm double vinyl LP pressing. 2012 debut album from the Belgian Electrowave duo. Under Your Carbon Constellation is a synthesis of influences from early 80's new wave to post rock. A wide range of musical mastery is on display here including coldwave, noise, vintage electronic loops and deep, expressive vocals. At times reminiscent of compatriots like Neon Judgement and Men 2nd, this is a revelation for those of US who grew up listening to the sound of the Belgian underground scene back in the day.

1.1 A1. Waves Are Running
1.2 A2. the Day of the Locust
1.3 A3. Ordinary World
1.4 A4. Sequence of My Projector
1.5 B1. Tramway
1.6 B2. Disturbing Street
1.7 B3. the Meat We Kill
1.8 B4. Ufo
1.9 B5. People
1.10 C1. Johnny Craque
1.11 C2. Ordinary World (7 Billion Mix)
1.12 C3. Katharina Distortion
1.13 C4. Colossal Baroque
1.14 D1. Seeds
1.15 D2. Next
1.16 D3. Waiting

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