Oria Blue

Oria Blue: Quality of Life

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Oria Blue

Title: Quality of Life
Label: CD Baby

* The Quality of Life CD includes a 34-page booklet of lyrics, stunning photography, and liner notes! Oria's musical influences in songwriting and composition span a wide range, including elements of Celtic, Classical, Choral, Gregorian Chant, Pop/Rock, Eastern, World, Musical and British Folk-Rock styles, with a hint of Blues. Her primary goal and focus as musician, singer, composer and arranger is to present a complete music/lyrics package that is uniquely rich and emotionally evocative, while drawing the listener into a complete, and even transformative and elevating, music-listening experience. Many layers of textured harmonies are featured in Oria Blue's eclectic, wide vocal range of rich sonorities, along with a wide range of unique key signatures, instrumental layers, and philosophical 'stream-of-consciousness' lyrics; these are encased inside mindfully crafted musical forms, while also featuring multiple layers of instruments, which serve to surround and elevate Oria's powerful, passionate vocals. Although Oria's music may seem reminiscent of other artists/styles (including Enya, Yes, Loreena McKennitt, Sandy Denny, Gregorian Chant, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Classical Choral music, Tori Amos), there is a signature style that is very difficult to pin down as adhering to any specific genre. Rather than meandering, Oria's musical forms adhere to specific, consciously crafted musical structures, while her voice shares and conveys philosophically deep musical and lyrical concepts.

1.1 Sicut
1.2 Turn It 'Round
1.3 Forty Odd Years
1.4 Enter the Dance
1.5 Nirvana in a Vacuum
1.6 Integrity
1.7 Synchronicity
1.8 I Recall
1.9 Into the Sky
1.10 Hope Less
1.11 Sing!
1.12 When You Make a Wish
1.13 Graces
1.14 Lumina
1.15 World Without End

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