Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Original Dixieland Jazz Band: In London 1919-1920/The Okeh Sessions 1922-1923

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Artist: Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Title: In London 1919-1920/The Okeh Sessions 1922-1923

The first group to record jazz also was responsible for introducing it to Europe. These 21 tracks take you back to that time and place, bringing you their sensation-causing performances of Ostrich Walk; at the Jazz Band Ball; Tiger Rag; Sphinx; Barnyard Blues; My Baby's Arms; Tell Me; Toddlin' Blues, and more!

1.1 Barnyard Blues
1.2 At the Jazz Band Ball
1.3 Ostrich Walk
1.4 Sensation Rag
1.5 Look at 'Em Doing It
1.6 Tiger Rag
1.7 Satanic Blues
1.8 'Lasses Candy
1.9 My Baby's Arms
1.10 Tell Me
1.11 I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now
1.12 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
1.13 Mammy O' Mine
1.14 I've Lost My Heart in Dixieland
1.15 Sphinx
1.16 Alice Blue Gown
1.17 Soudan
1.18 Some of These Days
1.19 Toddlin' Blues
1.20 Tiger Rag
1.21 Barnyard Blues

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