Oscar Brand

Oscar Brand: Laughing America

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Oscar Brand

Title: Laughing America
Label: Essential Media Mod

In a career spanning over 60 years, folk singer Oscar Brand has composed over 300 songs and released nearly 100 albums featuring protest songs, sea shanties, presidential campaign songs, ballads, broadsides and every manner of folk music under the sun. He has appeared alongside such folk greats as Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly and Pete Seeger, hosted the longest running folk show on radio and introduced such talents to the world as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Pete Seeger. This vintage 1960 album, "Laughing America," is a classic example of Brand's unique comic bent and features fan favorites "Old Dan Tucker," "I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago" and many more. All selections newly re-mastered.

1.1 Talking Guitar Blues
1.2 Old Dan Tucker
1.3 Kafoozalem
1.4 Cod Liver Oil
1.5 The State of Illinois
1.6 Robin a Thrush
1.7 Dunderbecke
1.8 The Great Baby Show
1.9 I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago
1.10 Hard Times
1.11 Lookin' for a Home
1.12 See Them Buzzards
1.13 Cotton Eyed Joe
1.14 A Hole in the Bucket
1.15 The Old Soldiers of the King
1.16 The Smeller Song

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