Otis Rush

Otis Rush: Cobra

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Artist: Otis Rush

Artist: Otis Rush
Title: Cobra
Product Type: VINYL LP

Rumble Records present Cobra, a compilation of Otis Rush's Cobra Records recordings. The great Chicago bluesman Willie Dixon knew raw talent when he saw it, and he saw it in the 20-year-old southpaw guitarist from Mississippi, Otis Rush. Thanks to Dixon, Rush was soon cutting singles for the Chicago-based Cobra Records, and in 1956 his first single, "I Can't Quit You Baby", which shot to number 6 on the R&B charts. Over the next two years Rush released a total of eight singles for Cobra (all produced by Dixon), including masterpieces like "Double Trouble" (featuring Ike Turner on guitar), "Keep On Loving Me Baby", and "All Your Love (I Miss Loving)", inventing Chicago's West Side blues style (along with Magic Sam and Buddy Guy) along the way. These eight singles, collected here, represent one of the most outstanding moments in Chicago blues.

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