Oughton Tanera

Oughton Tanera: Leave the Marked Path

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Oughton Tanera

Title: Leave the Marked Path
Label: CD Baby

Listen to 10 Rocksongs full of emotions and energy. This album was written and produced by Oughton while he was going through major life changes. He has been diagnosed with parkinson's disease in 2013. At that time he couldn't play the guitar anymore. At his low point as a guitarist, he developed new techniques to be able to play again. Eventually he started to write songs for 'Leave The Marked Path'. In the lyrics you can see and feel the ups and downs he was living. It all ends in the 11 min song Life Reprise which is an open letter to his young sons. And in the end all is well. You hear the kids sing in the finale of this very emotional and yet very powerful album. From the radio ready 'Believe' to the Hard Rock tune 'All In Vain' this album should have something for everybody. 'Leave The Marked Path' means to try to go new ways and not to waste your time on following something which isn't worth it.

1.1 Come Alive
1.2 The Storm
1.3 The Devil Comes
1.4 Forgotten Words
1.5 Believe
1.6 Don't Go
1.7 All in Vain
1.8 Light and Shadow
1.9 What If
1.10 Life (Reprise)

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