Ovaltines: Inside Our Heads

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Artist: Ovaltines

Artist: Ovaltines
Title: Inside Our Heads
Product Type: VINYL LP

On vinyl (with free download card inside) The Ovaltines are lo-fi indie band inspired by the noise pop bands of the past and present. Hear their acclaimed cover of 'White Rabbit'. 'We make music we want to listen to when the bands we love stop making records', says Jaime P. This is different than the 'why won't the world go away' EP, there is a lot more of it! And it has a bit more variation while still sounding like the same band banging out killer pop tunes.

1.1 Humphrey Hayflower
1.2 Thoughts About the World
1.3 When the World Is Asleep
1.4 Death of a Holiday
1.5 Lines Are Lies
1.6 Crawl Babies
1.7 Tall Grass
1.8 Dreams Are Wide
1.9 Inside Our Heads
1.10 The White Rabbit

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