Overcrown: Monochrome

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Artist: Overcrown

Artist: Overcrown
Title: Monochrome

Overcrown (first name was Crownless, then changed in Overcrown) is a melodic metal band from Conegliano (TV, ITALY) . The band was born in 2006 by the idea of 4 guys: Aleksandar Djeric, Dusan Djeric, Affili Fabio and Paolo Gallon. The band starts their LIVE shows with Virginia on Voice and Leonardo on drums. First LIVE shows were played between 2006 and 2007 . In 2008 there was a change in a line up. Giulia on voice and Stefano on bass joined the band. The band continues their LIVE shows in 2008 and 2009, but unfortunately in 2010 there is another change in the Line Up of the band. On drums Leo is replaced by Michele and on bass Stefano by Elia. In 2011 the band realeases their first promo, witch is distributed in more than 1000 copies. In 2013 the keyboard player Dusan starts playing drums in the band, keyboards are replaced by orchestrations and other sounds made by the Computer. On september 2014 the band releases their NEW PROMO album, called MONOCHROME. Overcrown shared the stage with some important bands of the Italian Metal like Elvenking, Burning Black and Ashent.

1.1 Monochrome
1.2 Twelve Touches of Agony
1.3 Phoenix
1.4 Death Beside Me

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