Overstone: Overstone

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Artist: Overstone

Artist: Overstone
Title: Overstone

In 2010, Overstone was just an idea. Frontman Marc Harnos, had been playing the drums in multiple bands in and around Detroit He wanted to form a new band that would capture the heavy of the 80s and the grungy of the 90's. The only way he would be able to do this, would be to write the riffs and become the singer. After writing and recording a few songs, the search for Overstone began. In 2012, he set out with an easy plan of action. He grabbed his brother, Mike Harnos for rhythm guitar, and friends Dylan Crooks on bass and Chris Blackwood on drums. With the lineup solidified, Marc and Mike began writing a whole new batch of gritty and grungy songs, that would define the bands style. With influences ranging from Alice in Chains and Staind to Metallica and Megadeth, they had all the tools they needed to create the legend that is Overstone. Overstone's idea had become an ever expanding plan for Destroyance.Their first EP, is "an audio assault weapon", loaded with powerful vocals,fiery riffs, blazing solos, explosive bass and pounding drums. Now with a full arsenal, Overstone is ready to take the world by storm.

1.1 Pale Horse
1.2 Cordial Bane
1.3 Save Yourself
1.4 Fire It Up
1.5 Not My Kind
1.6 Eternal Trance
1.7 Personal Plague
1.8 Stuck

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