Owsley Brothers: Tob

Owsley Brothers: Tob
Title: Tob
Label: CD Baby

'I have always liked my rock a little dirty, which is why I cannot stop listening' My Old Kentucky Blog 'One of America's great under-discovered bands' 'Dark, Reverb-y, Kentucky born garage blues strikes back- Delivers on the Promise' Aquarium Drunkard 'Well worth taking notice of' Bruce Warren (World Cafe/Some Velvet Blog/WXPN) Since their last installment, changes of tectonic proportions have taken place within The Owsley Brothers. Soon after their debut full length lineup shifts ushered in Drummer John Reinlie & Zion Cochran.The firmly solidified group would spend the next year redefining their earlier sonic framework. Where as previous albums (Pure Lust EP, Cobalt) were primarily driven by multi-instrumentalist J.E. Reynolds, their Self-Titled second album known as 'TOB' is a strident ensemble effort. The lean analog production perfectly compliments this dense collection. Each track transports it's listener into an aural landscape different from the last. With 'TOB' The Owsley Brothes have offered up a truly expansive collection. A work that twists & expands on their earlier outings creating a dark and swampy vision all their own. Liner notes: The Owsley Brothers are; Brian R. Wise Jerad E. Reynolds John C. Reinlie Zion M. Cochran Magnetic Head Recordings (c)2014 Dizzy Izzy Publishing BMI (c)(p)2014 Recording & Production-J.e. Reynolds Mastering- Carl Saff History Hailing from the Gulf Coast of Florida The Owsley Brothers Began as the Bedroom Recording project of multi-instrumentalist J.E. Reynolds. Armed with a cheap guitar, half a drum kit and an 8-track recorder, Reynolds crafted Last Years Acclaimed EP Pure Lust.Within a few months, his unique blend of lo-fi scuzzed-out blues guitar, combined with his utterly unique vocal twang attracted much attention and glowing reviews from blog community stalwarts My Old Kentucky Blog, Aquariaum Drunkard, Rollo & Grady, and Some Velvet Blog. Their songs are currently getting attention and being played on Sirius/XMU, KEXP 90.3 Seattle, and KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles. Morphing into a three piece over the course of the year, the lineup consisted of Reynolds on guitar/vocals, Brian Wise on second guitar, and John Talley on drums. Gaining attention of festival organizers, the Owsley Brothers played Do512 Lounge Session at SXSW, creating a buzz around Austin, and acquiring a handful of private showcases during the course of the week. A full length album was recorded, entitled Cobalt, which seemed to solidify the Owsley Brothers' sound: the earthy grit of garage rock coupled with the janky jolt of the hill country blues, and crowned with Reynold's high and mighty vocal twang. All of these styles combine to make this one of the most uniquely arresting releases of 2012. Since then, The Owsley Brothers have added two new members to fill out their sound. Heavy-hitter John Reinlie is now the drummer, bringing out a new and supercharged aspect to their music. Zion Cochran was also added on bass keyboards and effects, providing the booty-shaking low end that everyone loves. In addition to their incessant touring, several of the group's tracks have been licensed for use by Quicksilver, Fox Motorsports, DC shoes for national Ad Campaigns, as well as placements in FX's "The League" ABC's "Revenge", and Showtime's " 2014 saw the opening new Record Label/Recording studio 'Magnetic Head'. It has become a blanket for multiple artists as well as the Owsley Brothers catalog.

1.1 Diamond in the Raw
1.2 Flash in the Pan
1.3 Don't Mind Dyin'
1.4 Red Moon
1.5 Natural Born Sinner
1.6 200 Miles
1.7 What's Come Over Me
1.8 Just Take One
1.9 Diddley Bow
1.10 Comin' on Soon
1.11 Cave Dweller

Owsley Brothers: Tob

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