Ozone Player & Matt Howarth

Ozone Player & Matt Howarth: Long-Range Influence

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Artist: Ozone Player & Matt Howarth
Title: Long-Range Influence

Long-range Influence is a collaborative theme album by the American science fiction writer and comic book artist Matt Howarth and the Finnish multi-instrumentalist Otso Pakarinen, the man behind the loose musical collective called Ozone Player. First, Matt created a graphic story picturing a future space mission investigating a distant planet that turns out to be inhabited by sentient lifeforms. Otso then started composing a 'soundtrack' to the story, resulting in roughly 30 demos that were later filtered down to the 13 tracks on the CD. After that, various musicians from Finland, Italy and USA contributed their parts to the multicolored arrangements that combine elements from space music, progressive rock, synth pop, classical music, world music and, of course, movie soundtracks. Especially, the music is heavily influenced by theme music from various 60's television series. Read the story (in PDF format on the CD's data partition) to find out why! Then listen to the music and spot the sources! (Note: the graphic story is included only on CD, not in digital downloads.)

1.1 Sapphire 12
1.2 The Jolly Rolly
1.3 Sentient Slimemolds
1.4 Scaling the Sky Root
1.5 Getting Past the Jelly Globules
1.6 The Enemy Nest
1.7 Robot Probe
1.8 Attack of the Sentry Mites
1.9 Diabolical Ohkar
1.10 Plans to Catalyze the Atmosphere
1.11 Attacked By Grooming Slugs
1.12 Accidental Terrestrial Intervention
1.13 The Great Anthem

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