P.H.F.: New Metal

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: P.H.F.

Title: New Metal
Label: Danger Collective
Product Type: VINYL LP

P.H.F. (formerly Perfect Hair Forever) is the home recording project ofAuckland, New Zealand native, Joe Locke. After forming the project in 2012,Locke has had a prolific musical output and creative presence online. Inspiredby the freedom to experiment exercised by bands like Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu, andthe resourcefulness of '80s era hardcore, P.H.F. has created a sound that is bothimaginative and utilitarian. Praised at home in NZ and here in the US for hisexplosively unpredictable live shows and eclectic releases, P.H.F. are a force to bereckoned with. This fall P.H.F. will release New Metal, Locke's tenth full lengthwith the project, which has completely overhauled P.H.F's sound yet again forthe new decade. For New Metal, typical album conventions are thrown out thewindow in favor of a spontaneous mixtape atmosphere, as Locke offers some ofhis most raw and honest songwriting.

1.1 Everyone Is Dying
1.2 Living Is Easy
1.3 Imperial Butter
1.4 Corped
1.5 Do It Anyway
1.6 Eat Meat ; Kill
1.7 I Want U 2
1.8 Cuticle
1.9 Sud
1.10 Marlboro Man
1.11 Comms
1.12 Simple Pleasures
1.13 Pretty
1.14 More/Marsh
1.15 New Metal
1.16 Graze

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