Ilya Rachkovsky

Ilya Rachkovsky: Seasons Piano Sonata in C Sharp minor

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ilya Rachkovsky

Title: Seasons Piano Sonata in C Sharp minor
Label: Naxos

Tchaikovsky' the Seasons is a collection of twelve piano pieces, each one representing a month of the year, from the melancholy fireside in January, through Carnival, the song of the lark, April snowdrops and the nights of May.

1.1 January: By the Fireside
1.2 February: Carnival
1.3 March: Song of the Lark
1.4 April: Snowdrop
1.5 May: May Nights
1.6 June: Barcarolle
1.7 July: Song of the Reaper
1.8 August: The Harvest
1.9 September: The Hunt
1.10 October: Autumn Song
1.11 November: Troika
1.12 December: Christmas
1.13 Allegro Con Fuoco
1.14 Andante
1.15 Scherzo: Allegro Vivo
1.16 Allegro Vivo

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