Pachelbel, J. / Gli Incogniti / Beyer, Amandine

Pachelbel, J. / Gli Incogniti / Beyer, Amandine: Un Orage D'avril - Suites Canon & Songs

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Artist: Pachelbel, J. / Gli Incogniti / Beyer, Amandine
Title: Un Orage D'avril - Suites Canon & Songs

Though the bass line of a certain celebrated Canon may have made Pachelbel the most frequently heard classical composer in the world, this sparkling program shows he was not just a 'one hit wonder.' It is built around suites for two violins and continuo from a collection called the Musikalische Ergötzung. The title means 'musical delight,' and indeed one cannot but be ravished by the extraordinary sonic hedonism displayed in these works. A few songs written for special occasions add further spice to this delightful recording featuring tenor Hans-Jörg Mammel and the ensemble Gli incogniti led by Amandine Beyer.

1.1 I. Sonata
1.2 II. Aria
1.3 III. Treza
1.4 IV. Ciacona
1.5 Wie Nichtig? Ach! Wie Flüchtig, P500 - Various Performers
1.6 I. Sonata
1.7 II. Gavotte
1.8 III. Treza
1.9 IV. Aria
1.10 V. Saraband
1.11 VI. Gigue
1.12 Das Gewitter Im Aprilen, P75 - Various Performers
1.13 I. Sonata (Adagio)
1.14 II. Aria
1.15 III. Courant
1.16 IV. Gavotte
1.17 V. Saraband
1.18 VI. Gigue
1.19 I. Sonatina
1.20 II. Allemand
1.21 III. Gavott
1.22 IV. Courant
1.23 V. Aria
1.24 VI. Saraband
1.25 VII. Gigue
1.26 VIII. Finale Adagio
1.27 Mein Leben, Dessen Creutz FÜR Mich, P360 - Various Performers
1.28 I. Sonata (Allegro)
1.29 II. Allemand
1.30 III. Courant
1.31 IV. Gavotte
1.32 V. Saraband
1.33 VI. Gigue
1.34 I. Sonata
1.35 II. Aria
1.36 III. Courant
1.37 IV. Aria
1.38 V. Ciacona
1.39 Guter Walther Unser Raths, P391 - Various Performers
1.40 I. Sonata (Allegro)
1.41 II. Allemand
1.42 III. Courant
1.43 IV. Ballet
1.44 V. Saraband
1.45 VI. Gigue
1.46 O Großes Musenliecht, P391 - Various Performers
1.47 I. Canon a 3 Violinis Con Basso C
1.48 II. Gigue

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