Palmer, Jack / Palmer, Amanda

Palmer, Jack / Palmer, Amanda: You Got Me Singing

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Palmer, Jack / Palmer, Amanda
Title: You Got Me Singing
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Jack Palmer, who is 72 and sings choral music regularly for the National Cathedral in Washington DC, says "I believe nothing is more powerful than love, and that nothing expresses it better than singing. It was one of Amanda's songs that began healing our fractured relationship. Years later, I hope the love that went into this project will perhaps touch listeners in the same way." Amanda Palmer and (her father) Jack Palmer are set to release You Got Me Singing, a lovingly put together album, in July 2016. Amanda sings, and plays piano and ukulele, and Jack, a semi-professional choral singer, plays guitar and lends his rich bass voice to a variety of cover songs that span decades. The album was engineered by Joe Costa at Middletree studio in Nashville and recorded at Dreamland Studio in rural upstate New York. "The main inspiration behind this record was to share songs and time with my dad" says Amanda, who was separated from her father when she was less than a year old, "It was a really good reason to spend healing time together, sharing our musical histories, all poetically punctuated by the fact that I was 7 months pregnant when we recorded. I knew that from my post at the mixing desk and the mic, this music was being heard in the womb, and so the song selection was really important... we didn't want this album to sound corny, we wanted it to sound like the connective tissue between three generations. The songs had to be simple."

1.1 You Got Me Singing
1.2 Wynken, Blynken and Nod
1.3 Again
1.4 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
1.5 Louise Was Not Half Bad
1.6 Black Boys on Mopeds
1.7 All I Could Do
1.8 In the Heat of the Summer
1.9 Pink Emerson Radio
1.10 Skye Boat Song
1.11 Glacier
1.12 I Love You So Much

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