Pamala Branscum

Pamala Branscum: Attune to Dulcimer

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Artist: Pamala Branscum

Artist: Pamala Branscum
Title: Attune to Dulcimer

Mountain folk tunes beautifully strummed and rhythmically played on the mountain dulcimer and supported by other stringed instruments, echoing back to the early American musical sounds that have been passed on from generation to generation.

1.1 Harrison Town
1.2 Bonnie Lasse
1.3 Lady Mary
1.4 Red Haired Boy
1.5 Attune to Dulcimer
1.6 Anjaline the Baker
1.7 Black Rouge
1.8 Asalin Pipes
1.9 Boatmans Dance
1.10 Shenendoah
1.11 Soldier's Joy
1.12 Endearing Young Charms
1.13 Arkansas Traveler
1.14 Rosin Le Beau
1.15 Grandfathers Clock
1.16 Unclouded Day
1.17 Boot Blacken
1.18 Greensleves
1.19 Cluck Ole Hen
1.20 Columbus Stockaid
1.21 Good Ole Colony Days
1.22 Wellyn Colorado

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