Pamyua: Mengluni: Beginning

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Artist: Pamyua

Artist: Pamyua
Title: Mengluni: Beginning

Pamyua is an indigenous Alaskan Native band that fuses Arctic Inuit traditions with world rhythms. Their music features unique Inuit songs and dances from Alaska, inspired by funk, R&B and jazz. Though this first album is mostly traditional. The group masters the ability to mix traditions with no boundaries, while still holding on to their Native roots. It is the enchanting harmonies, the sound of the didgeridoo, and the thunderous roll of the African djembe that causes a rich explosion of culture. - We like to call it Tribal Funk & World Music!

1.1 Uivaaraana
1.2 Kaaka-Ggua Cauyalriitqa
1.3 Reindeer Herding Song
1.4 My People
1.5 Tarvarnauramken
1.6 Inngerneq
1.7 Cauyaqa Nauwa?
1.8 Lullaby
1.9 Imumirpak
1.10 Unugaanga

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