Panorama Jazz Band

Panorama Jazz Band: Dance of the Hot Earth

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Title: Dance of the Hot Earth
Label: CD Baby

Like heat rising through a pot of gumbo, the spirit of this beautiful planet lifts up anywhere people like to play good music, dance and celebrate being alive - the Caribbean island of Martinique, the Elsie's River section of Cape Town, the Tierra Caliente region of Mexico or here in New Orleans. We in the Panorama Jazz Band count ourselves among the custodians of this spirit and that of each song we play. We consider this work a mitzvah, a sacred duty, and are pleased to share with you our fourth album, the first that captures our live energy. So, take off your shoes! Let the music up through the soles of your feet, into your skeleton, your flesh, your nervous system. Let the essence of New Orleans, and all the various cultures we draw from, take up residence there. Let it live. Now you're doing The Dance of the Hot Earth. === The music of the Panorama Jazz Band is like champagne for your ears. It tickles on the way in and before long your spirit begins to lift, your feet begin to move and, if you welcome it, the music enters your soul. From that point on the musicians are your spirit-guides as they swing you through celebratory music of ancient and modern traditions from across four continents - music with a single purpose: to transport dancers into a state of ecstatic revelry. Dance of the Hot Earth is the Panorama Jazz Band's first attempt at capturing that live experience on disc. Go ahead, crank it up - in the kitchen, at the gym, wherever you are. Bounce your knees, lift your feet, and your heart will instantly feel lighter. Put yourself in the hands of the Panorama Jazz Band and the world will seem a smaller, more joyful place. You've been waiting for this. Trust me. Bill Deputy Producer/Recording Engineer Credits: Ben Schenck - Clarinet, Hand Percussion, Vocals Aurora Nealand - Alto Saxophone Charlie Halloran - Trombone Walt McClements - Accordion Patrick Mackey - Tenor Banjo Jon Gross - Helicon (tracks 1-11), Sousaphone (tracks 12-14) Doug Garrison - Drums Produced by Ben Schenck and Bill Deputy Live performance at the Old US Mint (tracks 1-11) recorded by Danny Kadar on April 25th, 2012 Live performance at The Spotted Cat Music Club (tracks 12-14) recorded by Bill Deputy on November 12th, 2011 All tracks mixed and mastered by Bill Deputy Graphic design and layout by Daniel Murphy Photographs by Kate Gegenheimer Drawings by Ben Schenck.

1.1 Elsie's River
1.2 Hasirei
1.3 El Danzon Tierra Caliente
1.4 Mandinga
1.5 Sous Les Tropiques
1.6 Carmencita
1.7 Come Out Swingin'
1.8 Porque Vives en Mi Corazon
1.9 El Zopilote Mojado
1.10 Martinique
1.11 Mama Inez
1.12 Ai Raci Ku Ne Draci
1.13 Trombon Hora
1.14 I Double Dare You

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