Papa Bass

Papa Bass: Who Whispers Taboo?

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Papa Bass

Title: Who Whispers Taboo?
Label: CD Baby

1- Smoothy Efforesces Justice Harmonica in jazz?? Yes! But only when Papa Bass plays the harmonica in one of his compositions does it sound normal. Explanation: Papa's brain turns out notes on an instrument that intertwine with other sounds as they rise into the angelic realm then return to earth in a cloud of mesmerizing harmony regardless of the instrument. Notice the blooming quality of Smoothy Efforesces Justice: The jazz guitar has the lead as if tiptoeing through the wonderful garden that is sprouting and bearing fruit from the seeds it planted as the harmonica and strings continue to fertilize and water them. Adversary ('What's All The Racket'), this is the way God planned it. "He that hath eyes, let him see. He that hath ears, let him hear." The Bible 2- Who Whispers Taboo? Who Whispers??? This saxophone does everything but whisper, it blows in the most convincingly affirmative way. The synergy created among the percussion instruments, piano and soprano saxophone interacts your shoulders and make them move unbeknownst to you but others see them go up and down as well as back and forth. You only know that Papa's music makes you feel good and peaceful. Enjoy being in sync with spirit and Papa's Smooth Jazz. Who Whispers Taboo? This is a very poignant question. It is acknowledged that what Adversary did to WindowPad ('What's All The Racket') was by every turn of the coin Taboo. Nevertheless, is Papa really alluding to something else? Listen closely to this revealing composition. 3- Stealthy The guitars (electric and bass), drums and organ are jamming because you can actually feel the music in your bones. Papa's manner of putting together a rhythm that exemplifies a clandestine operation is surreal. Close your eyes as you listen to Stealthy and each character's movement can be clearly seen moving about planning a scheme in a conspiratorial secretive way. Conspirators, such as Adversary ('What's All The Racket'), are slow to realize that the truth always comes to the forefront, nothing is ever hidden forever. 4- A Necessary Interdiction Sometimes a Necessary Interdiction is needed to get someone to do what should have been done initially in order to achieve an amicable settlement An interdiction is akin to the universe correcting an error to achieve balance. Notice how Papa's piano interrupts the Jazz guitar's melody with a statement that essentially commands the jazz guitar to walk along with it down a better path. Thereafter, a crescendo of cymbals and chimes carries every instrument including the piano to another plateau. Thoroughbred, Papa Bass. 5- WindowPad's Angelic Sanctuary The thinking man eventually realizes that four is before five (definitely before seven) and a straight line is the easiest, most direct, path to a destination or resolution of a problem. WindowPad's Angelic Sanctuary makes you sit back and contemplate on life as you pat your foot to the relaxing beat. During this period of quiet meditation, new ideas may be revealed. 6- The Dance of Taboo, Smoothy and Justice Happy is he that with a whole heap of God's help and a Necessary Interdiction has achieved his goal of attaining Justice in an extraordinary fashion. Dance on Taboo, Smoothy and Justice into the bright light of generosity, love and happiness. March onward Smoothy playing your flute like a piper showing the way to others about how to obtain Justice (even when the outlook appears bleak) by putting God first and allowing faith to lead the way. The Dance of Taboo, Smoothy and Justice leads with the piano and flute happily dancing in song around each other. This song is full of cheerfulness and lightheartedness. The Dance of Taboo, Smoothy and Justice certainly will have you experiencing joie de vivre and on your feet dancing with a smile on your face.

1.1 Smoothy Efforesces Justice
1.2 Who Whispers Taboo?
1.3 Stealthy
1.4 A Necessary Interdiction
1.5 Windowpad's Angelic Sanctuary
1.6 The Dance of Taboo, Smoothy and Justice

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