Papa Roach

Papa Roach: The Connection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Papa Roach

Artist: Papa Roach
Title: The Connection

Deluxe Edition includes bonus tracks.

1.1 Engage
1.2 Still Swingin
1.3 Where Did the Angels Go
1.4 Silence Is the Enemy
1.5 Before I Die
1.6 Wish You Never Met Me
1.7 Give Me Back My Life
1.8 Breathe You in
1.9 Leader of the Broken Hearts
1.10 Not That Beautiful
1.11 Walking Dead
1.12 Won't Let Up
1.13 As Far As I Remember
1.14 What's Left of Me
1.15 9th Life
2.1 Kick in the Teeth [Multimedia Track]
2.2 Burn [Multimedia Track]
2.3 No Matter What [Multimedia Track]
2.4 Still Swingin [Multimedia Track]
2.5 Making the Video: Still Swingin [Multimedia Track]
2.6 Constructing the Connection [Multimedia Track]

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