Paper Bag Players

Paper Bag Players: Paper Bag Players Whoop-Dee-Doo!

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Artist: Paper Bag Players
Title: Paper Bag Players Whoop-Dee-Doo!

The Paper Bag Players is a company of adults who create and perform original, contemporary, musical theater for children ages 4 through 9. Their shows, based on a child's everyday experiences, combine short plays, dancing, audience participation, mime, painting and drawing and lots of rousing sing-alongable songs and music! Judith Martin, Shirley Kaplin, Sudie Bond and Remy Charlip founded the company in 1958. As writer, designer, director, actress and Artistic Director, Judith Martin established and embodied The Paper Bag Players style. In 1966, Donald Ashwander joined the company as composer and performer. Donald introduced the electric harpsichord, composed lively ragtime music and played it joyfully at every show. In June 2009, Ted Brackett became the Artistic Director of The Paper Bag Players, having worked with the company for 23 years as a performer and Associate Director. John Stone, resident composer since 2005, joined him as Music Director. The songs and music on this CD are from two Paper Bag Players shows, "THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS WHOOP-DEE-DOO" and "THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS GREAT MUMMY ADVENTURE". Ted Brackett and John Stone along with performers Laura Canty-Samuel, Amy Walsh, and Kevin Richard Woodall, created the shows together and they bring the shows to theatrical life. "THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS WHOP-DEE-DOO" gets off to rousing start with the song, Get To The Show. Ted, Laura, Amy and Kevin soar in a hot air balloon, paddle a canoe, catch a train and sing! In Delicious! Best friends Laura and Amy swear nothing could ever come between them. When they start competing for customers at their cookie stands, however, their tempers start to rise and so do their voices. In Paper Bag Boogie, everyone gets to dance, including you--shaking, sliding, and boogieing! Day On The Lake and New Puppy are songs about friendship-one is sung by old friends Ted and Kevin and one by Laura all about her brand new buddy. Happy Day follows the overture of "THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS GREAT MUMMY ADVENTURE". Happy Day is a happy, happy song -except when it isn't! In Jewels, Gold, Treasure, a couple of crooks sing their hearts out--loud enough to awaken the sleeping Mummy Shirley who responds with The Mummy's Curse. Cluckaluckaloo is Amy's chicken's favorite song. Amy's Chicken is certain you will like it too. The peaceful Picnic leads to the excited Ants in My Pants which leads to the paint-flying, musical finale Prints. The music, the beat, the colors crescendo with a visual-musical rainbow! The Paper Bag Players touring has taken them to 37 states and to Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Israel, Iran, Egypt, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. This year's show will be seen by over 50,000 children in performances for the general public and for school children at 40 locations. The first theater for children to perform at Lincoln Center and to receive a grant from the NEA, The Bags have been recognized with an OBIE, awards for excellence from the American Association for Theater and Education, American Theater Wing Awards, the New York State Artists Award, The Broadway Theater Institute Award for Theater and Education, and the Children's Theater Foundation Medallion. Nick Jr. Magazine honored Judith Martin with a Playful People Award.

1.1 Whoop-Dee-Doo! Overture
1.2 Get to the Show
1.3 Delicious
1.4 Boom Surprise
1.5 Paper Bag Boogie
1.6 A Day on the Lake
1.7 Boxes
1.8 New Puppy
1.9 Whoop-Dee-Doo!
1.10 Get to the Show Reprise
1.11 The Great Mummy Adventure Overture
1.12 Happy Day
1.13 Jewels, Gold, Treasure
1.14 The Mummy's Curse
1.15 Cluckaluckaloo
1.16 Picnic
1.17 Ants in My Pants
1.18 Prints

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