Papercuts: Life Among The Savages

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Papercuts

Artist: Papercuts
Title: Life Among The Savages
Product Type: VINYL LP

Subtlety is often an underrated quality. That's partly why Papercuts' new album, Fading Parade-the band's fourth overall, and first for Sub Pop-is such a breath of fresh air. Papercuts prinicipal Jason Robert Quever's beautiful songwriting is thoughtful, quietly evocative and simultaneously ambitious. This is dream pop of the highest order, but unlike a lot of contemporary bands that fall under the same sonic umbrella, Papercuts isn't trying to emulate shoegaze heavy hitters from yesteryear. Instead, Quever's embraced a gentler, more sophisticated approach to presenting pop music that's steeped in atmosphere.

1.1 Still Knocking at the Door
1.2 New Body
1.3 Life Among the Savages
1.4 Staring at the Bright Lights
1.5 Family Portrait
1.6 Easter Morning
1.7 Psychic Friends
1.8 Afterlife Blues
1.9 Tourist

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