Par-a-Digm: Paralyzed

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Artist: Par-a-Digm

Artist: Par-a-Digm
Title: Paralyzed

Ya'll are spectacular! I sincerely believe that I have just ran across the page of a future mega-star band. I think ya'lls music is spectacular. I'm not sure what others have said about you because I didn't want to read your comments and be influenced to say anything that anyone else may or may not have already said. When I was a kid I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, and eventually found myself adapting to other music over the years. Through all the music I came across from say 7 and 8 until the present, the Jackson 5, Boyz II Men, Arrested Developement, etc. (I could list a lot more), were among some of the Groups that I listened to that were black. I of course discovered Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, The Doors, and even Jimi Hendrix at 10 years old, and mostly 'cause of my dad. What I am getting at is that I never heard any black rock bands and I always wondered why. I was born in '82 so by ten I started to catch on to Hammer and Vanilla Ice, which led me to Too Short, 2 Live Crew, snoop and Dre, and then the list continues. I still loved all genres of music, but being born in Greensboro, NC and living in a hugely racist atmosphere, then moving to Wyoming, I found myself missing what I had adapted to. I still wondered if Blacks would ever branch into a rock sound in a band setting. Needless to say I never saw any white rappers so I began to catch on to the seperation of rap and rock at about 11 or 12. I never understood what all of it meant at that young age. As an adult I finally caught on of course to the seperation that no longer seems to be an issue anymore (thank god!!!), and kept longing for blacks to embrace the rock sound. Seeing all the white rappers surfacing over the last decade I knew only time would keep it from happening eventually. You're probably wondering where this is going. Well here is my point. Ya'll are phenomenal and I have no doubt in my mind ya'll will be superstars very soon. With the right exposure, your group or band is destined for a very bright future. Please don't take anything I said as negative. I have not a racist bone in my body nor have I ever. I don't even like referring to your band or any band or artist as a specific race. I found it hard to even think about let alone try to put into words. Obviously I've embraced your cultures take on a genre of music and embodied it into my own life and experiences. Hopefully my fans feel I'm doing the art justice. When it comes to comparison, I don't compare to your enormous talent. Again Ya'll are phenomenal. The point to my whole story if ya'll didn't get it by now is simple: I'm stoked to finally see your culture embrace the rock sound and embrace it the way you have so profoundly. Awesome job!!!! Hope to see a lot more of ya'll very soon. Let me know when ya'll drop an album, I'll be there to pick it up. Peace and keep up the great work!

1.1 Flying Away
1.2 Paralyzed
1.3 Scream
1.4 Emily
1.5 The Worst Way
1.6 Reflection
1.7 Angel Song
1.8 Bad Company
1.9 Alive
1.10 I'm Waiting
1.11 Blue Skies
1.12 Goodbye
1.13 Blue Skies Acoustic
1.14 Heaven Got a Hold on Me

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