Paranoid Motives

Paranoid Motives: Disruptive Potential

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Artist: Paranoid Motives
Title: Disruptive Potential

The Paranoid Foundation label present their eleventh release: 'disruptive potential', the debut album from Paranoid Motives. Based in Canterbury, UK, this new group consist of Rory Kettles (drums), Gemma Dickens (vocals) and Cris Lee (whatever else). Taking the Paranoid Foundation blueprint of doom-laden soundscapes and dark lyrical themes, the trio present nine tracks and 28 minutes of skewed ambient rock with a heavy post-punk atmosphere. Dub and electronica influences are much in evidence and are propelled along on a krautrock-esque motorik groove. An impressive debut set and a welcome addition to the Paranoid catalogue. Close the blinds, turn out the lights and allow Paranoid Motives the potential to disrupt your sonic experience of the coming half-hour...

1.1 Chosen Magic
1.2 Nothing Ventured
1.3 Terms
1.4 Pact
1.5 Actions
1.6 No Protection
1.7 Bridges Burned
1.8 Distancing
1.9 Exploits

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