Parasitic Ejaculation: Echoes of Depravity

Parasitic Ejaculation: Echoes of Depravity
Title: Echoes of Depravity
Label: Amputated Vein Rec.

With their second full-length album "Echoes of Depravity", Parasitic Ejaculation delivers 12 crushing new tracks with mind numbing slams, dynamic song structures, and diverse styles of groove that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Featured guest vocalists include Bill Foster of Short Bus PileUp and Jeremy Scott of Logistic Slaughter.

1.1 Corporeal Nightmares
1.2 Parasitic Spinal Mutation
1.3 Subject to Depraved Torment
1.4 Euphoric Anguish (Feat. Bill Foster)
1.5 Splitting Abhorrent Flesh (Feat. Jeremy Scott)
1.6 Nauseating Convergence of Seepage
1.7 Ritualistic Disembowelment
1.8 Violent Autoscopy
1.9 Embodiment of Evil
1.10 Ultracrepidarian
1.11 Inhuman Lacerations
1.12 Visceral Transcendence

Parasitic Ejaculation: Echoes of Depravity

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