Parrish & Gurvitz

Parrish & Gurvitz: Parrish & Gurvitz Band

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Title: Parrish & Gurvitz Band
Label: CD Baby

Now here's a band with some musical history! Formed by Paul Gurvitz, who earlier had a top 10 hit in Europe with the band Gun (Race with the Devil), who evolved into Three Man Army and Baker Gurvitz Army, with Ginger Baker of Cream. Other members include Brian Parrish, who formed the prog rock band Badger, keyboardist Tony Kaye of Yes, Mike Kellie of Spooky Tooth on drums, Rick Wills of Foreigner on bass, and Mickey Gallager on keys (Ian Drury). The latter three later became the nucleus of Peter Frampton's Camel. Top all of that off with the Beatles' producer George Martin laying down the string arrangements and layering the band's sound into a brilliant tapestry of music. If you took CSN, Little River Band, Brian and Paul's unique styles and threw them in a blender, out would come Parrish and Gurvitz! Here's your chance now to own the legendary first LP and the unreleased second album for the first time!

1.1 Rainy Day Man
1.2 Living Out of a Suitcase
1.3 One Way Street
1.4 Birmingham
1.5 Give It All Up
1.6 When Evening Comes
1.7 The Preacher
1.8 On My Way
1.9 Can We Do It
1.10 Brown Eyed Woman
1.11 Another Time Another Day
1.12 It's a Shame
1.13 Libra
1.14 I've Got Time
1.15 Janine
1.16 Dozy Gwen
1.17 Why
1.18 As If I Were Blind
1.19 More Than Life
1.20 Loving You

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