Parry / Dawsom / Bamert / Hickox

Parry / Dawsom / Bamert / Hickox: Invocation to Music

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Title: Invocation to Music
Label: Chandos

1.1 Introduction. Lento
1.2 "Who Can Number the Sands of the Sea". Lento
1.3 "Hear Ye This, O Ye People". Allegro Agitato
1.4 "We Look for Light, But Behold Darkness". Moderato Maestoso
1.5 "Why Are Ye So Fearful, O Ye of Little Faith?". Lento
1.6 "The Hand of the Lord Was Upon Me". Maestoso
1.7 "The People That Walkã¨D in Darkness". Moderato, Energico
1.8 "See Now, Ye That Love the Light". Moderato, Tranquillo
1.9 1. "There Is Sweet Music Here That Softer Falls". Andante Tranquillo
1.10 2. "Why Are We Weigh'd Upon with Heaviness." Allegro
1.11 3. "Lo! in the Middle of the Wood"
1.12 4. "Hateful Is the Dark-Blue Sky". Allegro Moderato
1.13 5. "How Sweet It Were, Hearing the Downward Stream". Andante Tranquillo
1.14 6. "Dear Is the Memory of Our Wedded Lives". Moderato - Lento
1.15 7. "But, Propt on Beds of Amaranth and Moly". Andantino
1.16 8. "The Lotos Blooms Below the Barren Peak". Allegro Tranquillo
2.1 1. Introduction. "Myriad Voicã¨D Queen!". Moderato
2.2 2. "Turn, O Return!". Allegretto Tranquillo
2.3 3. "Thee, Fair Poetry Oft Hath Sought". Allegretto Tranquillo
2.4 4. "The Monstrous Sea". Maestoso Energico
2.5 5. "Love to Love Calleth". Andante Appassionato
2.6 6. Dirge. "To Me, to Me, Fair-Hearted Goddess, Come!". Maestoso
2.7 7. "Man, Born of Desire". Moderato
2.8 8. "Rejoice, Ye Dead, Where'er Your Spirits Dwell". Piã¹ Lento
2.9 9. "O Enter with Me the Gates of Delight". Allegro Vivace
2.10 10. "Thou, O Queen of Sinless Grace". Allegro Vivo

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