Party Cannon

Party Cannon: Volumes Of Vomit

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Party Cannon

Title: Volumes Of Vomit
Label: Gore House Prod

Party Cannon are BACK with their putrefying and long awaited second album, VOLUMES OF VOMIT. Offering up 9 chunks of IQ lowering slamming sickness, mass gaining gym riffs, irresponsibly fast blast beats, and the swampiest gutturals known to mankind. This is not your normal death metal album, this is fully fledged PARTY SLAM at it's most unhinged.

1.1 Tactical Chunder
1.2 Grass Obliteration (Blazed and Confused) (FT. Don Campan)
1.3 Nauseating and Unpalatable (FT. Ross Sewage)
1.4 Naked Beach Frenzy
1.5 60 Stone Threesome
1.6 1000%
1.7 Electric Soldier Porygon (FT. Andre Lomastro)
1.8 I Believe in Dani Filth
1.9 The Dirty Bubble

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