Party Supplies

Party Supplies: Tough Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Party Supplies

Title: Tough Love
Label: Fool's Gold

Party Supplies are a one-of-a-kind New York duo. They mash Stratocaster riffs over vaporized drum machine beats to write love songs you'd think were beamed straight from classic rock radio, then lead that same denim jacket soulfulness to collaborations with Action Bronson, Danny Brown and other new school rap heroes. On their debut album Tough Love, PS showcased their knack for postmodern pop songcraft under a haze of lo-fi samples and distortion, but these new remixes go full 1080p HD courtesy of club masters the Knocks and Lazerdisk. "Going Back to New York" gets the fist-pump treatment it deserves, while "Beautiful Girl" is reinvented as a poolside nu-disco stomper Turn up the hi-fi and zone out..

1.1 New York 2017
1.2 Cherry Valley
1.3 Working Out
1.4 Going Back to New York
1.5 Love Song
1.6 Beautiful Girl
1.7 A Perfect Life
1.8 Tough Love
1.9 Touching Your Face
1.10 Going Back to New York (The Knocks Remix)
1.11 Beautiful Girl (Lazerdisk Remix)

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